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TV commercial (PSA): "Great Futures Start Here" for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America with Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, Wesley Clark, John Paul De Joria, Jackie Joyner, Kerry Washington, Martin Sheen, Sugar Ray Leonard, Smokey Robinson, Magic Johnson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Shaun White, Ray 'Boom Boom' ...[on his book, Mud Tacos]: It's stories about my sister Marisa and me growing up.

Demanding to know the identity of her birth father, Zoe and Charlie are stunned to discover that it was Charlie's brother Harry (Michael Elphick).

Worse comes when Little Mo is found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to eight years in prison. In exchange for Kat not pressing charges against Trevor for assaulting her, he agrees not to testify against Little Mo.

She is released and comes back to live with her family.

But I was very impressed with my skin,' she went on to say The footage saw Nicole sporting a floral blouse and purple blazer, standing and clapping among the crowd.

Her brunette locks looked to have been freshly blow-dried and she drew attention to an elegant makeup palette.

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