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We could not tell her the details of our plan, not even the date and time, but we said it was going to be very soon.We needed her because once the action began, she alone could rally the people to come over to our side. Aquino was reluctant to take on the burden of the presidency.Pagkatapos regaluhan ang sarili ng Dodge Challenger (worth P3M car), lumipat naman sa kanyang bagong bahay ang sikat na young actor-singer na si Daniel Padilla kasama ang mga kapatid sa inang si Karla Estrada.Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, it's a 5-bedroom house na inuupahan nila mula sa isang kaibigan at ginastusan ni Daniel ang interior design para magmukha itong bago.I pointed out that in the life of a people, every historical period requires the leadership of a certain character.And at that period in our nation’s life, in the wake of the depravities of the Marcoses and their cronies, we needed moral leadership of the kind she possessed.Instead, she had answered in her soft and calm voice, “I will leave it to the authorities to give justice to my husband.” I told her that I thought a person who could have that kind of faith in people, even in officials of a government that might have killed her husband, must have a lofty moral character.I added that the military would respect someone with a strong moral fiber; and, of course, as president, she would command the Armed Forces on behalf of all the people.

At ang natuklasan ko pa, mahilig palang kumupkop ng mga kaibigan si Daniel, kaya halos sa kanila na nakatira ang mga barkada nito.Some remarked that talking to Cardinal Sin and Mrs. What if they thought that the action taken by the RAM was not real, that the withdrawal of support by Ramos and Enrile was not genuine? Aquino hesitated before committing their support, Marcos would be able to reorganize and maybe quell the whole action.Aquino might be superfluous because they had already been campaigning against Marcos. Peping and Ting-Ting We got in touch with Peping Cojuangco and his wife, Ting-Ting.In February 1986, as the demonstrations against Marcos intensified, Peping set up an appointment with his sister, Cory Aquino, on our behalf.She was the opposition’s moral leader and it was important for her to be on our side.

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