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There's just something about seeing a guy in any military branch walk around in his day to day uniform.

Maybe it's knowing he's a hard worker or just the uniform itself, but it's a weakness.

There’s a reason for this, according to new data from Match’s Singles in America survey: Guys just get over breakups faster.

Match surveyed more than 5,000 men and women and found that half of dudes are over a rejection in a month, while the average woman takes four months to get over it. Licensed clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula, Ph. D., author of , isn’t shocked by the findings either.

Though I’m no stranger to military men (my grandfather, father and brother were all enlisted), this is the first time I have dated a soldier. I’ve seen a lot of websites that list ten things an Army girlfriend should remember and do, and some of them made great points. And your honey could be shipped out at any time, for months or years. Many of these are difficult and sometimes disturbing. If he wants to talk about his life in the Army, be it the crazy times with the guys in his unit, the tedium of the everyday, or even the tougher times, let him be the one to broach the subject.

Curious as to what I was in for, and wanting some solid guidance, I went looking for advice on how to be a good Army girlfriend. However, in my own time as an Army girlfriend, I’ve come upon a few revelations of my own. Dating a soldier is a commitment, and not one to be taken lightly. Above all, talk to people who’ve lived it and ask them to be honest. If you’re not ready for to be an Army girlfriend and all that it entails, break it off. As soon as my guy used the g-word, I hit the keyboard and called my sister-in-law (retired Army wife extraordinaire). Soldiers work long hours that they have absolutely no control over. If you’re one of those girls who always needs a guy on her arm, get used to disappointment. You’ll have time for your friends, family, hobbies and work. And odds are, one of the reasons his time with you means so much to him is because it’s one of the few times he can get away from that life. My boyfriend and I have plenty to talk about, from video games to the funny cashier at the grocery store, and I never bring up the Army to any extent greater than asking him how his day went. If your man is ready to introduce you to the guys in his unit and/or regiment, it’s a big step.

“There is no ideal time line for recovering from a breakup,” Klow says.

Instead, Durvasula recommends staying busy, venting to friends, pampering yourself, and spending time with other people. “But I guarantee this: It always heals and makes room for something ‘righter.’ It’s better to heal authentically than lie to yourself and the world that you have moved on ahead of your time.” And that's true even if your ex is practically engaged within a month.

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And, she says, men may also be better about making sex just be about sex, rather than something emotional.

But while licensed marriage and family therapist David Klow, owner of Skylight Counseling Center in Chicago, isn’t surprised that men say they move on from breakups faster than women, he points out that “what they report and what is actually happening may not be the same thing.”Klow says men aren’t necessarily better at moving on from rejection than women, noting “what might seem like quickly moving on could be someone masking the symptoms of grief.” He also points out that, when it comes to breakups, moving on faster isn’t necessarily better.

Most of the guys our age are only privates and don't make that much.

Going to war and doing the jobs that they have to, takes a toll on people.

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