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I have learned to live with the responsibilities I have and would like to find someone who could even handle the word responsibility without running for the hills.

He must have a job; he must have a dream; preferably a car and not living in his parents’ house after a certain age, for Christ’s sake.

Dating is considered a good way of getting to know another person, as it is in this time that you learn a lot about how compatible you are with the other person.

I have very close friends who have yet to properly meet her; I’m that protective of her and her environment.

That means that the man who eventually gets to meet her and spend time with her has proven to me that he is ready and willing to be a part of our (collective) lives.

I think one of the major problems with dating as a single mother is that the men already have their opinion of you: the majority of men seem to think that all single mothers want a father for her kids.

This is before they even know her individual story.

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