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'Her daughter returned home and repeated a comment that had been made during a conversation at the BBQ - and in particular a specific comment that had been made by her mum.'Her daughter said that she didn't want to tell her mum because her dad had told her it was their little secret.'Later Johnston was seen loitering near the back of the property and he texted his wife when she was out celebrating her birthday in Manchester saying 'he knew her location and who she was with'.

The prosecutor added: 'She was scared that he had followed her or traced her mobile phone somehow.

Representing himself he said: 'We split up at the beginning of December but we then rekindled the relationship until February 18.'With regard to the recordings she knew that we had cameras all over the property and she allowed that. On the second occasion it was an emotional reasoning I wanted to see if she still had feelings for me.

She did say that and then her friend said: "no you don't need him" and all of that.'The other occasion was when there was alcohol in the house and she had known alcoholics around there and a couple of family members. I do now.'I was trying to get recordings to show to children's services.

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'On another occasion the victim was hosting a BBQ whilst the defendant had the children.

A Manchester court heard that he was collecting details about what she was saying and doing at home and who she was seeing after the breakup.

However, Mrs Johnston, 44, discovered she was being recorded when she spotted a device on top of her fridge and noticed the red light was activated.

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