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If the vibes aren’t there, you can just go after your drink. You can hang out with more than one person at a time. It’s kind of like you’re casually dating, except it’s even more casual. Knowing that you don’t have to force conversation if you don’t feel it, that’s a huge weight off your shoulders, right? So many things can grow from the sort of relationship that blossoms in a comfortable, casual setting. Lyndsie Robinson west virginia native, new hampshire transplant, parisian in the depths of my unimpressed soul.

You don’t have to pick one person to hang out with if you’re interested in two, three, or even four.

A source tells PEOPLE that the two good-looking singletons have been hanging out romantically recently. Recently they’ve been hanging out as more than friends. However, the source added that Bloom was spotted attending a Coachella party on Friday with a woman who was not Dobrev.

star is also at the festival and the two both attended Saturday’s Neon Carnival.

I tried as hard as possible to act like my date and I were a couple, because I was terrified the bartender might start flirting with her if he saw a green light.

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Yes, to some people, it might be synonymous with hooking up, but at its heart, hanging out is not simply a low-key sex invite. It’s an act that can take place anywhere – a park, a mall, a bookstore, a beach.A rep for Dobrev tells PEOPLE, “Nina and Orlando are just friends. She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don’t think anybody cares about what I’m up to. They have the same representation and friends in common, and often end up in the same social group. They are having fun together.” The , saying the two have managed to stay friends. So, for our second date, I suggested we walk through one of L.A.’s swankier neighborhoods in search of lavish Christmas light displays.

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