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And I think the “newness”, so to speak, that people see this as is really just because the World Wide Web as we know it now is only about thirty years old, and it’s only been about ten to fifteen years at most that it was really publicly used because of the uptick in personal computing.

If they had had text messaging and online chatting in past generations, I suspect you’d have seen the same percentage of picture requests.

I’m so confused, but lonely and ready for a relationship; it’s been more than two years.

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With how lonely you sound, I might exercise caution on the naked pictures until you know the guy well enough to feel safe that he won’t show them around.” Drew: I’ve been with Wendy for ten years and don’t know anything about dating these days.(I barely knew anything about dating before I met her). Does everyone just send each other naked pictures of themselves? Anyway, I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult time and I guess my advice is: Try not to let your loneliness drive you to do things you’re not comfortable doing. No, but seriously, I think you’ve overthinking this.His Take questions are answered by our panel of smart, opinionated, and funny dudes.I am a widowed single mom trying to re-enter the dating world after a very long time.

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