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A Google search for "mooning" pulls up expected results: some news articles about protestors pulling down their pants, and the formal dictionary definition of said act — "to expose one's buttocks to (someone) in order to insult or amuse them." Even Urban Dictionary, that harbinger of culturally relevant (and often NSFW) terms, refers to "mooning" as a butt-baring action.But a whole new mooning meaning has developed that has nothing to do with naked butts: It has, instead, to do with your i Phone.And both liberal and conservative legislators may actually welcome a phone app that prevents them from soliciting sex with their pages and interns, or at least soliciting it in a way that leaves a digital trail.But most of all Apple’s new invention will be welcomed by Tea Partiers who favor limited government but can’t resist controlling the minutiae of other people’s lives.But teens bent on sexting are only going to circumvent these word restrictions by exchanging even more explicit photographs of themselves instead.It’s also not clear that typing the odd bit of Spanish will get them ready for study abroad, plus what parent is really going to believe that the children are doing homework on their cell phones? Even if you comply with Apple’s protocols for English or for foreign languages, the device could still decide to override the user and the administrator and refuse to send a text message if it judges that message to be obscene or grammatically incorrect."I do not want to read these texts one hour before I go to bed because they make me nervous, so I moon her — out of love."Mooning is rarely a hostile act — that's what blocking is for — but Gottsman points out that you want to think carefully about whom you moon.You wouldn't, for example, want to moon your boss or an important work connection, since doing so could have direct consequences on your job.

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The app doesn't just make you do your homework, it even tells you when to do it.According to the Apple patent, The control application may require a user during specified time periods to send messages in a designated foreign language, to include certain designated vocabulary words, or to use proper designated spelling, designated grammar and designated punctuation and like designated language forms based on the user's defined skill level and/or designated language skill rating.If the text-based communication fails to include the required language or format, the control application may alert the user and/or the administrator/parent of the absence of such text.But, as long as you remember to turn the Do Not Disturb switch back off and catch up on the conversation at some point, mooning is harmless.Although you want to refrain from admitting to your mooning, unless you know the person on the other end of the line won't take offense.

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