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The device accepts credit card payments on the go, and this man invested in one to increase his profits.

The Trujillos handed the man a credit card and told him he could charge it for , as long as he sent a receipt.

They traveled sixteen leagues (approximately 39 miles) on "el camino" and along the way his youngest daughter, just over four months of age, suffered frostbite of one of her feet, and the trip caused his wife ill health.

*Andrs Hurtado further mentioned that he had come to New Mexico twelve years earlier, "en dose aos qe estoy en esta reyno" (circa 1649), and that he always remained "querido y estimado de todos los becinos y religiosos desta reyno como es publica vos y fama" ("loved and esteemed by all the vecinos and religious of this kingdom, as is well-known publically").

Mariana HURTADO(note; does not list 3 adopted daughters)INDEX[2390] After her father Bartolome de Salazar died, Diego de Trujillo took the three sisters, Mara de Salazar Hurtado, Mara Josefa de Hinojos and Isabel de Salazar Hurtado from their mother, Mara de Hinojos, to be raised and adopted by his granddaughter *Bernardina Salas y Trujillo and her husband Andres Hurtado.(note; Bernadina Salas y Trujillo was actually Diego de Trujillo's daughter not granddaughter.

a po hurtado y a catalina de salazar, fueron sus padrinos Juo co--cais [illegible] y Juana maria su mujer vso [vecino] de esta ciudad".

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It appears that there may have been some confusion that resulted in the inconsistency with his previous statement about Andrs Hurtado being his son-in-law.Researcher: Jos Antonio Esquibel Source: LDS microfilm #0283371 (Marriage Investigations, Sagrario, Zacatecas) -this microfilm contains an early book of marriages dating from 14 February 1606 - 7 November 1619).- Beyond Origins of New Mexico Families; Jose Antonio Esquibel9HURTADO-SALAS y TRUJILLO *Andrs Hurtado (ONMF: 49) held a grievance against Governor don Bernado Lpez de Mendizabal for having been recalled as an official of the Moqui province and compelled under penalty of death to appear before the governor in Santa Fe within ten days of the summons, being forced to travel in the extreme cold of winter during January 1661 with his wife (Bernardina de Salas y Trujillo) and five children, ages nine and younger.They took a video of the entire encounter, and amused at the man's efforts, posted it to Facebook.Thousands of shares later, the panhandler's move has been polarizing."We have people saying it's hilarious...smartest homeless guy I've ever met," Michael said.

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