Smell shirt dating

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So when I read about Smell Dating, a new dating website which matches people entirely based on body odor, I decided to give it a try.The service cost and was only available to 100 people living in the New York City area.

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Studies in mice have found that female mice choose males whose immune cells differ from their own to confer stronger immunity on their progeny.

The Internet has replaced fleshy experience with flat apparitions, avatars and painstakingly curated profile pics.

Smell Dating closes digital distance by restoring your molecular intuition.

This fostered the idea that these women were somehow capable of sniffing out the man who would help them birth the most genetically fit baby through having a diverse set of immune system genes to protect it against a variety of pathogens.

Scientists know that other animals seem to take similar smelly cues in their mate choice, so the idea that humans would do the same isn't that far fetched.

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