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Being strongly backed by Iran and Russia as both of these countries increasingly compete and position themselves to have major decision making authority once the fighting substantially ends.

But major battles with countless civilian causalities loom in Idlib and Deir Ezzor and asymmetrical and guerilla warfare by the opposition with continue.

The countries that backed the rebels and opposition backers are withdrawing their support due partly to the failure of opposition political leader’s to unite with respect to strategy and allocation of foreign weapons and financial resources.

As I noted in reply to your previous question, donor countries have over the past two years experienced “squabbling fatigue.” Plus as the opposition appears to cooperate with extreme jihadist groups some supporters such as Jordan and the US equivocated and then pulled back.

There is also little that the Russians can do about this reality although they are increasingly unhappy about what they are witnessing from Tehran and its Shia militia across the region.

in international law and is currently a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford Centre for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict. Lamb has many years experience on the ground in the Middle East and for the past six has been in Syria dedicated to, among other activities, the grass roots human rights group Meals for Syrian Refugee Children, Lebanon.

His book: Question: The Assad regime appears to be making significant territorial gains with Russian and Iranian help. Franklin Lamb: For the immediate future, yes, he will remain.

He cannot be the solution,” Le Drian insisted that “The solution is to establish…

a timeline for political transition that can lead to a new constitution and real elections, and this transition cannot happen with Bashar al-Assad.” Some western and other powers seem to believe that IS will soon be defeated in Syria leaving the country with a “single conflict, that of the civil war” pitting a more united opposition against the Assad government.

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