Wordpress gallery not validating

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If it passes all these requirements, then the functionality is in place to handle the image (uploading, store the info in the database, etc.)This code is for the handling of the form once it's submitted, and it will give you an attachment post.

What you do with that attachment post is up to you, without knowing anything more about how the values are stored or what you then do with them, I can't comment.

For this reason, the Woo Commerce team made the call to not enable the new gallery features by default.

In order to avail of these new features, you must be using a Woo Commerce compatible theme that has specifically opted in to support the new gallery features.

Woo Commerce 3.0 introduced some pretty cool new features specifically for your Woo Commerce photos including: These are pretty big changes to how product images get presented in Woo Commerce.

Over the past few years, many third party extensions have become quite popular to address the previous shortcomings in core Woo Commerce.

If you’re managing your own Woo Commerce theme you simply need to add a few lines to your after_setup_theme action. If your theme hasn’t disabled the core Woo Commerce styles that should be all you need to do to use the new gallery.

But it’s quite common for themes that provide deep Woo Commerce support to disable the core Woo Comerce styles and therefore you’ll need some additional CSS to get things looking nice.

So unless your theme author has already added support for the new 3.0 gallery features you’re caught in no mans land right now with no functioning lightbox!

This also allows theme authors to pick and choose which new features they wish to support – while maintaining compatibility with their own theme features and/or compatibility with third-party Woo Commerce gallery and lightbox extensions.

Allowing theme authors to control which new gallery features are enabled is smart and is the right call by the Woo Commerce team to minimize disruption to Woo Commerce websites that have existing alternative product galleries.

However, checking the size, file type, etc, is all handled by I added includes to and async-upload.php, but it's prompting me to log into the WP Admin.

This has to work on the front-end for logged in users.

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